The Power of Experience: How Military Veterans Contribute to Our Success

At Moseley Technical Services, we take great pride in our exceptional team of employees who bring a wealth of talent, experience, and dedication to our organization. As a company that values the contributions of our military veterans, we are honored to have a strong representation of these remarkable individuals within our workplace. Our veteran employees bring unique skills, discipline, and leadership acquired through their service to our country. Their unwavering commitment, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork exemplify our core values at Moseley Technical Services, making them an integral part of our success.

Military Veteran: Bob Jones

Our next featured veteran is Bob Jones. Bob is a Business Partner at Moseley Technical who leads the entire recruiting department in Training & Development. He has been one of the most influential people in the growth of Moseley in the past ten years.

Bob spent a total of 31 years in the military, starting in the Arkansas National Guard and then moving over to the Active-Duty side for the Army. During this time, Bob served as a Medical Specialist and an Army Recruiter, taking care of America’s youth.  Throughout his service, he lived in 7 different states and 4 different countries.

Veteran Q&A

When did you enlist and what do you remember about that day?

Bob enlisted in January 1987. His most significant memory from that day was telling his mom that he had joined the military while she thought Bob was safely away at college, studying hard and making good grades.
military veterans

What was your biggest achievement while serving in the military?

Bob considers his biggest achievement in the military to be proving that a successful marriage and family life is possible. He says, “My wife, who was my biggest critic and supporter, kept me grounded and provided the stable home life that our children needed. It is easily said that I helped her raise 3 great children who are now living successful lives while building their own families.”


What skills from your time in the service do you use today?

Two skill sets Bob learned from his time serving and use in his everyday life are the ability to be flexible and communicate with people regardless of their background..

What was the greatest lesson learned from the military?

Regardless of what we are doing, we are always a part of something larger than ourselves. By realizing this, we can then understand the importance of our place in that organization. It takes all members working towards a common goal to achieve the level of success wanted

We have opportunities for Military Veterans

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