The Power of Experience: How Military Veterans Contribute to Our Success

At Moseley Technical Services, we take great pride in our exceptional team of employees who bring a wealth of talent, experience, and dedication to our organization. As a company that values the contributions of our military veterans, we are honored to have a strong representation of these remarkable individuals within our workplace. Our veteran employees bring unique skills, discipline, and leadership acquired through their service to our country. Their unwavering commitment, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork exemplify our core values at Moseley Technical Services, making them an integral part of our success.

Military Veteran: Josh Blakeney

How long were you in the military? What did you do during your service?

I spent five years as a 6218 F-35B powerline mechanic. I fixed/maintained F-35 engines, fuel systems, onboard inert gas generation, and auxiliary power units.  I also handled flight ops, launch/recovery, pilot gripes, and modifications.  I was basically like the mechanics at a car dealership, except the pay and hours were way worse.

When did you enlist? What do you remember about that day?

I enlisted on June 9th, 2014, I remember it was a hot day, and I think I was my recruiter’s first recruit!  Looking back, He was super excited; I’m almost sure he was brand new.

What do you think your biggest achievement in the military is?

I was a powerline CDI/CDQAR and a turn qual, which are pretty lofty qualifications for a 20-23-year-old guy.  I could sign off on anything within my shop’s mechanical purview, from significant maintenance actions to engine removals/installs.  It was a lot of responsibility. Pilot’s lives were at stake if I didn’t do my job well. I also got to sit in the cockpit and run the engine for testing.

What is one of the greatest lessons learned from your service?

I learned the value of a true friend and the differences from an acquaintance.  A true friend is there no matter what and always has your back, no matter the personal cost.

Military Veterans

How do you use what you learned in the military for everyday civilian world?

I still use the assertiveness, the drive and people skills I picked up while in the service.

How many states/where have you lived?

Fewer than many, but I have lived in Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  I also stayed in England for a little while.

How was the transition out of military life? 

My transition was pretty nice.  I had saved up several months of leave to have a long terminal.  We visited Colorado, Kansas, and Texas to catch up with old friends and family.  Moving out of base housing into a place of our own was probably the most stressful part since there were so many crazy rules involved with the whole process.

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