You’re only as strong as your people.

Staffing Solutions…At Moseley, we hire outstanding people and offer them better opportunities, exceptional service and a full slate of benefits. Each candidate you see will be skilled, engaged and prepared to bring value to your organization.

Why Moseley?

By treating our candidates and employees as well as we do our clients, we attract and retain stronger professionals – including passive candidates. You get better results and candidates who are subject matter experts.

Partnering with Moseley enables you to:

  • Meet project demands
  • Access specialized skill sets
  • Take on new challenges
  • Add diversity to your workforce

Expand your capabilities. Hire better. How can we serve you?


Research. We do our homework to understand what makes your company tick – and to identify the best ways we can help.

Strategy. Together we’ll develop a “who, what, when and how” strategy to identify qualified applicants for each position, from entry-level to subject-matter experts.

Sourcing/Recruiting. With more than 20 years of recruiting success, we know how to best minimize risk, reduce costs and reliably identify the best candidates for your requirements.


Payrolling. Avoid employment risks by placing the temporary employees of your choice on our payroll. We handle paycheck distribution, tax withholding, workers’ compensation, benefits and all administrative employment tasks.

Contract Staffing. Adapt to unpredictable business demands, access specialized expertise to complete critical projects. Increase flexibility and capabilities, not overhead.

Contract-to-Hire. Reduce your hiring risks by evaluating our employees on-site before extending a job offer. You ensure skills and cultural fit, and minimize the risk of making a bad hire.

Direct Hire. Shorten your time to hire. Spend less time searching, screening and selecting, and more time on your primary responsibilities.

Executive Search. Rely on Moseley to identify and attract proven leaders for your organization. We’ll conduct a nationwide search to find the right professional for you.

Customized Workforce Management. Partner with Moseley to employ entry-level to experienced factory labor. We will provide a customized workforce management program tailored just for your company. Upon successful completion, an employee will receive a full-time direct job offer from you.