Expect better service, consistent results.

By putting our employees first, we attract and retain higher quality people who provide employers with the skills, experience and reliability they need to succeed – every time.

Core Principles of Our Corporate Governance: Guiding what we do, and how we do it

We are very thankful for the opportunities afforded us to provide world-class service.

We build and mature highly valued relationships with the greatest network of employers and employees.

We are governed by the principles detailed in Our Purpose, Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Values.


The purpose of Moseley Technical Services, Inc. is to glorify God in all we do.  We know our success is a result of God’s grace and mercy.  To that end, we believe in the following mission, vision and core values:

Our Mission

We deliver superior service to our customers and employees while providing solutions to business challenges and opportunities.

Our Vision

To build long-term relationships with customers and employees through integrity, transparency and appreciation.

Our Values

  • We esteem others more highly than ourselves.
  • We use honesty and integrity as a compass to guide us daily.
  • We realize our employees are our greatest asset. We don’t sell products; we sell the capabilities of our people.
  • We embrace a culture of continuous process improvement to meet the trending challenges of our customers, thereby strengthening our long-term partnerships.
  • We are passionate about our business and work to make a difference in the lives of those around us.
  • We believe it is critical to have a workforce that is diverse in thought, experience, race and other differentiators.

History, Diversity, Reputation

Our History

Moseley Technical Services, Inc. (Moseley) was incorporated in 1994 to provide professional services to local aerospace and defense companies. Since then, we have expanded our primary business base to provide staffing and recruiting, direct hire, payroll services and engineering design support to the aerospace/defense, government, manufacturing and commercial industries. We are also members of the Small Business Association, area Chambers of Commerce, HASBAT, NCMS and NASHRM.

Our Diversity

We realize our employees are the greatest asset of our business. We don’t sell products; we sell the capabilities of our people, and therefore believe it is critical for us to have a workforce that is diverse in thought, experience, race, and other differentiators. We bring together talented people who can see business challenges and opportunities through multiple lenses, so we are better able to provide superior customer service to our customers and employees.

Our Reputation

We stand by our 28 year-old commitment to be a “World Class Company providing World Class Service.” Each employee, no matter their title or position, understands the responsibility to attain all internal and external goals and strives to do so by following our Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values.  For this reason, employers and employees choose to work with us. And they choose to stay with us. For over 28 years, we have never wavered from our core principles and we are thankful to have the continued trust of our industry partners who agree with our stated and practiced principles.