In 2025 Millennials will comprise approximately 75% of the global workforce according to a study by Deloitte. As earlier generations such as Boomers begin to leave the workplace, Millennials are stepping into roles previously held by more seasoned employees. This growth of the emerging workforce provides an opportunity for businesses to take the lead on developing future leaders.

In response to this, Moseley Technical Services, Inc. launched the Compass Leadership Program. The goal of the Compass Leadership Program is to invest in new hires at the on-set their careers to ensure integration into the Moseley organization and culture, their current position, as well as to prepare them for future opportunities. It also provides a foundation to successfully transition them from college student to working professional.

The Compass program provides a professional, nurturing environment to develop leadership competencies in the emerging workforce. This will be accomplished through a variety of vehicles including mentoring, job shadowing, lectures, special projects, workshops, and other activities.

Participants in the program attend bi-weekly sessions to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge in areas such as: conflict resolution, communication essentials, project management, dealing with stress, social media, career development, customer service, time management, and ethics in the workplace.

Moseley is excited to add the Compass Leadership Program to its suite of offerings through the Moseley Business Academy.


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