Moseley’s Compass Leadership Development Group hosted a gathering at Top Golf to celebrate Moseley’s 25th Anniversary. The Moseley family honored Jerry L. Moseley for his outstanding leadership and accomplishments over the past 25 years. Moseley’s corporate culture is centered around faith, family and working as a dynamic team, and this is exactly how we celebrated this grand occasion!


Compass Leadership Development Group

(Left to Right: Tiana Moseley, Emma Ulrich, Emmalyn Merrill, Emily Hancock, Cheyenne Johnson)


Executive Team

(Left to Right: Renee Douglass, Carol Buchanan, Jerry L. Moseley, Renee Smith)


Recruiting Team

(Left to Right: Josh Huff, Jeremy Israel, Kinleney Riley, DeAnna Scott, Andrea Moseley, Susan Googe, Jerry L. Moseley, Jelisa Butler, Renee Smith, Lauren Hogan, Detrom Garrett, Jarrett Lee)


Account Management Team

(Left to Right: Sharon Tate, DeAnna Scott, Jerry L. Moseley, Renee Smith, Cheyenne Johnson, Sue Parker)


Human Resources Team

(Left to Right: Pat Nunley, Carol Buchanan, Jerry L. Moseley, Patti Stewart, Emily Hancock, Connie Pritchard)


Accounting Team

(Left to Right: Renee Douglass, Claire Ragsdale, Jerry L. Moseley, Krista Norris)



(Left to Right: Rhonda Harrison, Jerry L. Moseley)


Fun Moments from the Night

The Moseley ‘M’

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