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During her time at NASA, Katherine Johnson became a vital part of the Space Task Group, where she performed complex calculations related to orbital mechanics. Her work was instrumental in the success of the first U.S. crewed spaceflight, with her precise calculations ensuring the trajectory of Alan Shepard’s historic flight in 1961. Her most renowned… Read more »

The Courageous Journey of Henry Ossian Flipper As we observe Black History Month, we pay tribute to the remarkable achievements of Henry Ossian Flipper, an extraordinary individual who defied the odds and shattered racial barriers to become the first African American to graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Born on March… Read more »

On the International Day for Women and Girls in Science, we proudly recognize the invaluable contributions of women and girls to the field of science. At Moseley Technical Services, Inc., we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM, and we’re honored to highlight the achievements of women who have made significant strides in… Read more »

In honor of Black History Month, we would like to celebrate the remarkable contributions of Mark E. Dean, a trailblazing computer engineer who played a pivotal role in shaping the technology landscape we know today. Mark Dean was born on March 2, 1957, in Jefferson City, Tennessee, and grew up passionate about mathematics and technology…. Read more »

Journeying in Dignity In observance of this day, The Moseley family joined Pat McCay, the founder of the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force and co-founder of the Alabama Human Trafficking Task, as she spoke to us about “Human Trafficking-The New Slavery.” She shared how this heinous crime is now the 2nd largest criminal enterprise in… Read more »

In honor of Black History Month, we are embarking on a journey through time and space to celebrate the remarkable contributions of individuals who have left an indelible mark on the world of aerospace and defense. Throughout this series of blogs, we will introduce you to some extraordinary figures whose achievements have shaped the landscape… Read more »

This September, we celebrate two special Anniversaries for Moseley Technical Services. In 1994, Jerry turned his dream into a reality. Jerry has encapsulated what Moseley is all about: “Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs and exceed our employees’ expectations.” His unwavering belief in the team and focus on maintaining a solid work ethic… Read more »

Last week was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day which means more to us than most. Almost 29 years ago, we started with a humble vision, and baking cookies was a Moseley signature from day one! Our growth isn’t just about numbers and data but also about the people we’ve touched and the smiles we’ve spread… Read more »

Ft. Cavazos, Texas: “The Great Place,” Home of America’s Armored CORPS Centrally situated within the Lone Star State, Fort Hood enchants with its lively community, substantial job offerings, and low-cost living. The growing interest in job migrations to this Texan wonder is far from surprising. Let’s uncover why Ft. Cavazos, Texas, should be your new… Read more »

Sterling Heights, Michigan: Affordable Living, Top-Rated Schools, and Natural Beauty Sterling Heights, Michigan, is a vibrant city in Macomb County, offering many reasons why it’s an ideal place to call home. With a population of approximately 134,062, Sterling Heights provides a dense suburban feel and a strong sense of community. The city boasts excellent public… Read more »