This September, we celebrate two special Anniversaries for Moseley Technical Services.

In 1994, Jerry turned his dream into a reality. Jerry has encapsulated what Moseley is all about: “Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs and exceed our employees’ expectations.” His unwavering belief in the team and focus on maintaining a solid work ethic have been critical components of our growth over the years.

Moseley Technical Services, Inc. is celebrating its 29th anniversary.

When asked what inspired him to stay in business for 29 years, Jerry responded,

“It’s about us and what we can accomplish together. If I fail then we all fail, and that is not an option.”

We are also celebrating the milestone 25th Anniversary of the great team of Carol Buchanon and Renee Smith.

Watch our team tribute to our outstanding Vice Presidents Renee Smith and Carol Buchanon.

They both joined Jerry 25 years ago and never looked back!!! Their service and commitment to Moseley Technical have shaped the company into what it is today!

Core Values: The Backbone of Moseley Technical Services 29 years!

We attribute our continued success to God’s grace and mercy, echoing our purpose statement. Our Core Principles and Values guide us in building long-term relationships with customers and employees through integrity, transparency, and appreciation.

“It’s the Moseley family, working together with a common vision and common goal, which is to glorify God in all we do.”

Renee Pinto Smith, VP of Professional Services.

As we celebrate, our thanks go out to our entire Moseley family—employees, partners, and customers—who have trusted and grown with us over the past 29 years.

“We don’t sell products; we sell the capabilities of our people,”

as Jerry L. Moseley beautifully put it. Here’s to our people, the true heroes of our story.

Cheers to 29 years, and here’s to many more to come!!!

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