Today we want to put a spotlight on one of our veteran recruiters, Bob J. Bob is a Senior Technical Recruiter in our Contract Labor Team. He served 29 years in the United States Army. He started his career as a Combat Medic, and after 10 years volunteered for recruiting duty. He found a passion in helping recruits find a way to reach their goals and retired after 19 years filling various recruiting roles.

When asked the biggest lesson he took out of his time serving Bob says,

“There were so many lessons learned that it is difficult to pick which one was the biggest. Teamwork, self-discipline, honor, integrity, loyalty, true care & compassion for our fellow man, & that we do indeed live in the greatest country on earth are all important lessons that come to mind.

Having spent 19 years in the living rooms, kitchens and front porches of America’s youth I would say the biggest lesson learned is that anyone, regardless of their upbringing, level of education, or financial worth has the ability to become great leaders and contributors to our society and positive influences for others. Growing up we were always taught that good grades, a deep bank account and a college degree was a part of the definition of success. As adults, we used those previous teaching to judge others based on their physical riches and failed to truly see the person that is standing before us. If the individuals in question didn’t come from what some would call “good stock”, then we quickly brush them aside, as our judgement of others is so accurate that those individuals could not possibly be worth our time and effort. That line of thought could not be any farther from the truth, as it was proven to me time and again, just how wrong it was. Those individuals, who don’t automatically display a high level of potential, just needs to be given a chance, have someone believe in them and support them and they will amaze you with their talents. Those same individuals will never forget that you were the one who believed in them and always work harder at success because they do not want to let you down.”

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