Our long-standing client, Torch Technologies, is one of the few named as Best Small Companies in America for 2016 by Forbes.

In addition to being 1 of 25 companies chosen, they are also the only Alabama based company to make the list.

Torch is located very close to our headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama. What sets their company apart from others? They are 100% employee-owned, committed to community outreach efforts, and their staff is highly dedicated. Founded in 2002, their sales growth is estimated at 35% annually. As of January 2016, their revenue is roughly $240 million!

Torch CEO Bill Roark had this to say about his company, “Torch was founded with a focus on service to our customer, service to our community, and ultimately, a focus on the ethical treatment and service to our company’s employee-owners. I am incredibly proud of the dedication and loyalty of our employee-owners, as they are the reason we have received this honor as a Best Small Company in America.”

We are so proud to be in business with Torch!

Check out their website here: http://www.torchtechnologies.com/news/article/bfd4b166-b57a-4ae0-88ac-a5f2a9ddee72

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