Our veteran feature this week is Stuart , one of our Technical Recruiters who is also a 20 year United States Air Force veteran. He spent 14 years of his military career in Material Management, then transitioned into recruiting for the last 6 years in the military as a recruiter and flight chief.

I would say the biggest lesson I took away is seeing the big picture.  It doesn’t matter what your job is, big or small, you are a piece that keeps the machine moving.  What you do is important, no matter what your title is.  I saw a lot of people get discouraged because of the daily monotonous tasks.  Often wondering why a task mattered and that what they were doing had no value.  If we didn’t have the warehouse person in Charleston, SC pulling/shipping a box, the plane in a combat zone across the planet wouldn’t get fixed and fly its mission.  The same principle applies outside of the military to everyone on a daily basis.

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