Any business professional can tell you that high employee turnover can really take a toll on a business both financially, and culturally in the workplace. Forbes Contributor, Brent Gleeson, recently pointed out in his article “How Important Is Culture Fit For Employee Retention?” that “Employee turnover is costly. Hiring based on shared values and cultural beliefs leads to winning results.”


This is a big reason why Moseley is proud to have implemented employee recognition the month of their anniversaries with the company. Moseley has always made an effort to show appreciation for employees, as they are the greatest asset of the company. That’s why it made sense to begin issuing Moseley anniversary pins to employees on their anniversaries to thank them for their years(s) of service. Moseley is excited to add this small token to company tradition, further strengthening the company’s employee valuing culture.




Recent Service Awards


Tonya Brown, Accounting Administrator, celebrating 10 years at Moseley


Connie Pritchard, Sr HR Administrator/AFSO, celebrating 6 years at Moseley


Bradley Davis, Technical Recruiter, celebrating 2 years at Moseley

Kelly McCarthy, Sourcing Specialist, celebrating 1 year at Moseley

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