One definition of Research and Development is “To develop new knowledge and apply scientific or engineering knowledge to connect the knowledge in one field to that in others.”                                                                                                       (Roussel et al.,1991)


Moseley identifies with this definition. One of its core competencies has long been the ability to overlay existing technologies or new ideas onto existing problems and situations to assess if technology in one field relates to the needs in another.

New for 2018, Moseley is expanding into Research and Development (R&D) under the leadership of our President/CEO, Mr. Jerry L. Moseley. Engineering Support has been one of Moseley’s core business verticals since the inception of the company in 1994. We have a proven history of partnering with other companies that have different core competencies and putting teams together to solve problems. However, it has been a long-term goal to have an established R&D team.

To welcome the new and exciting horizons that R&D opportunities will create, Moseley has engaged a team of engineers and scientists to develop new products and/or improve existing products.  Our team will focus on scientific research and development in anticipation of government and commercial requirements, designing and creating new and innovative products.

At Moseley, we recognize the importance of providing world class service to our clients.  And we embrace the current reality that no single company can gain expertise in all fields due to the need for diverse technology and the competitive, ever-evolving business landscape. For this reason, Moseley will also be collaborating with small to mid-sized businesses to bring in peripheral technologies to complement Moseley’s capabilities so that the company can respond quickly to changing markets.


Mission and Vision for Moseley’s Research and Development team:

The Mission is who we are:  We are a group of engineers and scientist interested in constantly learning new things. We like being innovative and we don’t like being told that it can’t be done.

The Vision is who we aspire to be: We aspire to do research, build stuff, and develop fun things that interest us today and hopefully make a contribution for tomorrow.


Why work with Moseley’s Research and Development team:

Moseley offers scientists and engineers unlimited possibilities to discover, create and develop while being supported by a culture with a strategic focus, reliable operations, financial discipline, robust innovation, strong leadership at every level, and recognition and reward for results.


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